Ultra High Pressure Washer

Ultra High Pressure Washer - Ultra High Pressure Washer

Ultra high pressure washer is a powerful high pressure cleaner device, which has a high ability to increase the pressure of water much more than 250 bar. Although the general instruction of the ultra high pressure washer is the same as the hot and cold high pressure washers but due to the production, ultra high pressures are quite distinct from the rest of the water pressure washers. The main parts of the ultra high pressure washer are the water inlet, motor, water pump, high pressure hose, lances and nozzles.

The water pump as the heart of the device increases the pressure of water and then sprays it out on the target surfaces. Due to withstand high pressure water and adapt to cleaning operation, all the parts of the ultra high pressure cleaner have special designed and structure. Different nozzles which are used in the ultra high pressure washer,have a major impact on the quality of the cleaning operation, by adjusting the sprayed water. High pressure and velocity of the water output, are two main and key factors in the high pressure washer.

The higher velocity of the output water means the more quickly clean process, so it can be finished in a shorter time, and the higher pressure of output water means the higher power of the device in cleaning deep layers of dirt. In addition to the cleaning and washing surfaces, the ultra high pressure washer has special abilities to concrete demolition, remove of barks, remove of asphalt and cleaning tar, to remove of rust from the body of the ships and industrial equipment, remove of marking lines from the street surfaces, peeling the paint, etc. It also has a special application for the heavy industrial tasks. Using ultra high pressure washer for heavy industrial task, is more affordable than other methods.

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