facade cleaning

Washing refers to washing the facades and glass of buildings with cleaning tools and devices. These devices remove contaminants left on the glass and add to the beauty of the building. The large area of ​​the buildings, the difficult access to the high sections and the possible dangers of using manual methods, have made the washing machines an important and practical tool in washing the facade. This equipment multiplies the speed of washing operations and offers high quality.

Suitable equipment for washing

Specialized equipment for washing facades and glass, showers and pressure washers are equipped with interface lenses. Pressure washers are high pressure washers that spray water to the surface under pressure using a high pressure pump. Shoemakers are also specially used to wash the facades of buildings, which have several advantages over manual methods and even pressure washers.

Pressure washer

Pressure washers are a mechanized cleaning device suitable for removing contaminants from the ground, equipment and parts. This device can also be used in demonstration applications. Pressure washers are designed and produced in different models, the main difference being the power supply and working pressure. Washing the facade usually does not require high working pressure and therefore pressure washers with a pressure of less than 200 bar are used. Determining the appropriate nozzle and nozzle for washing operations is also important considering the height of the building and the area of ​​the glass. By choosing the right lens, the surface is washed with better quality and the operation is performed completely safely from the ground.

Facade cleaner

Washing machine is a completely specialized tool for washing facades and glass of buildings. This equipment has a modern and advanced structure and has facilitated the facade washing operation. Demonstrators use a water filtration system to spray pure, unsalted water on the surface. As a result, the water that comes out of the device removes contaminants faster and more efficiently and leaves no stains on the glass. Lenses with different lengths are also offered for shows to meet the need to wash the facades of buildings with different heights.

Facade cleaner benefits

The washing machine has several advantages for cleaning glass of buildings. Ease of use, low price and no need to install scaffolding are some of the advantages of using show. This machine performs operations in a short time and does not pose a danger to the operator due to the process performed from the ground. The presence of lenses with the ability to increase the length to a height of 21 meters has also made it possible to safely wash the facades of tall buildings. In addition, the device's water purification system sprays pure water and prevents the possibility of stains on the glass. Due to the use of fiberglass and special aluminum alloys in the structure of the lenses, the display has high strength and makes the user less tired. With the possibility of using a brush, the quality of washing can be improved by washing. These brushes have durable fibers and remove contaminants without scratching the glass.

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