electric high-pressure washer

High-pressure cleaners with the electric motor are the most popular high-pressure washers. Although the electric motors are widely used in the production of commercial high-pressure cleaner, these motors can be used as a power source in the industrial pressure washer and even the ultra high-pressure models which can deliver water with an operating pressure more than 1000 bar.

The advantages of electric powered high-pressure cleaner

Using an electric motor as a power source of water jetting unit has many advantages including:

Lower cost
The structure of electric high-pressure cleaner is simpler than petrol or diesel-powered ones and the electric power washers have less equipment compared to machines which are equipped diesel or petrol engine. Therefore, the cost of electric versions is less than petrol or diesel ones and the cost of them is more acceptable especially for consumers who are going to use the machine for domestic or commercial uses. In addition, the cost of maintenance and services of machines with the electric motor is less. The consumer pays once and there is no more expense for fuel.

Less pollution
The electric powered high-pressure cleaner uses electricity as driving force. Electricity is a clean energy and it causes no pollution unlike the systems with combustion engine which causes air pollution and it is not eco-friendly. Furthermore, the electric powered high-pressure washer makes less noise when it operates and it is more suitable to use in areas where are sensitive to noise.

More portability
The petrol or diesel powered high-pressure cleaners have more equipment and parts compared to electric ones. For example, they have a fuel tank. So they are heavier and they may not be as compact as electric powered high-pressure cleaners. The latter is lighter and more portable which is a great advantage especially when the machine is going to be moved frequently.

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