Filmop Company was founded in Italy in the early 70s. The main aim of founding this company was specializing in the field of manufacturing the manual cleaning equipment and tools for professional using and high performances.

The main production area of Filmop Company is located in the north west of Italy. Filmop is pioneer of producing professional cleaning tools and for thousands of people who want to work professionally in the cleaning market, Filmop would be a reliable partner.

This company has developed a special trademark named "Made in Italy" all around the world and it is proud because of that. According to this label Filmop has designed, planed and produced its products exclusively in Italy from the inception of its activity up to now.

The plant of Filmop has a large area about 30000 square meters which contains various departments like warehouses for storage for complete products and incompleted products, administration department, offices for selling and purchasing activities, departments for production and assembling and laboratories for development and research.

Filmop Company has wide world export that more than 80 countries import the cleaning equipment of this company.  The corporation does this job with the highest efficiency and reliability in a short time. Also it has founded a branch in France in 1997 and the other has founded in America in 2004.

Creation and designing of the best cleaning system are the main goal of Filmop Corporation to make the users pleasant, thus it is able to satisfy all the needs and demands of cleaning business. Furthermore they don't forget health issues and wellbeing of the people with being responsible of the environment while they are introducing new projects.

The Filmop Company makes mutual and fiducial business contact between itself and the dealers to provide perfect activities. So, they enable to satisfy requirements of the end users.