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Smelling is the only sensation that affects the memory and emotions in the brain,

Researches shows that the Impact of a Fragrance on People in Different Environments makes people more productive, More focused, makes them feel more relax, or reminds them a memory.

Hence the use of air fresheners has received much attention from various classes. let's go over this device and some related tips.

How the air freshener works

One of the most effective technologies that can be described as the basis of an air freshener is the atomization technology. The molecules in air fresheners are usually highly volatile which means they can easily turn from liquid to a gas form as they release in the Environment. And that’s what is known as atomization technology.

Different types of fragrances and Essences

Different types of fragrances can be chosen based on Seasonal conditions,

People's tastes and the place they are going to be used. These Essences are mostly anti-allergic which make the system totally safe to use. The Essences are based on water or alcohol, but when it comes to systems that work by atomization technology they are usually based on alcohol.

Where to use the air freshener systems

These devices are can be used in most places such as Offices, Recreation centers, restaurants, hotels, universities, public Toilets, mosques, Medical Centers and so many other places.

The reason for assigning organizational smell

A particular aroma can be stimulated by the limbic system, which is responsible for the emotions and decisions in the body makes people stay in a place longer, or to return to a place, or persuades them to buy a particular product. These are the reasons for the concept of assigning an organizational smell. It means that by choosing a special essence for a collection and customizing it by creating a special code By the Manufacturing Company, it is prevented from being used by other organizations and centers. As a result, smelling that special smell reminds people of a special organizational.

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