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Polisher is a single disk machine that is considered for daily use in various places. This device can be used to polish and brighten the surfaces smoothly and in addition to the wash small and hard to reach floors. The tank is made of plastics to hold water or a detergent solution, which is strong and resistant to breakage. If necessary, it is possible to change the tank by the new one. The single disk machine has been equipped with planetary gears, which will allow the force to be evenly distributed over the brush, resulting in a uniform and high quality rinsing. Also, the uniform distribution of power makes it easier to move the device and control it. Gear without the need for maintenance of the polisher and the powerful engine of this machine ensures its high performance and ensures a longer lifespan of the single disk machine.

The one-piece polisher has a customization buckle and is fitted to this unit in order to prevent a safety crash. The electric cable provided with the device is waterproof and anti-electric. The structure of the machine is such that it allows the washing of distant parts such as radiators, shelves, etc. Polisher is used by both brush and pad, and the swapping of both brushes and pads is easy to do. The pads themselves have a variety of types that are tailored to the surface of the surface and the degree of sensitivity it chooses. The higher the level of sensitivity, the better to use brushes and softener pads, and if the surface is not very sensitive, brushes and paddles with more roughness can be used.

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