vacuum pre separator

vacuum pre separator - vacuum pre separator

To collect a large amount of materials is one of the biggest challenges that large industries such as cement, steel, oil and petrochemicals and other industrial units are faced with it. In many factories and refineries, large quantities of raw materials or products for various reasons may be accumulated in the environment and to collect them is necessary. Sometimes these materials would be returned to the production cycle, and in other cases it is necessary to move them from one place to another. As well as, sometimes big and small particles are combined and they should be separated from each other. In large industries for collecting large amounts of material industrial vacuum cleaners are used because they are powerful enough to make it possible to vacuum up materials. Also, in order to collect more volumes of materials the pre separator is used with heavy duty vacuum cleaners.

The pre separator is attached to the industrial vacuum cleaner such that the materials enter into it initially when the vacuum cleaner is operating. To use pre separator with industrial vacuum cleaner allows to collect a large amount of material and due to its unique structure, it is possible to separate fine and big particles from each other.

The pre separators have been produced in various types such as side discharge, bottom discharge and conical pre separator with cyclone or without cyclone. Also, there is a mobile pre separator with water for collecting very hot materials. Conical pre separators are used for discharging materials in a certain place and the side discharge models have ease of discharging. Cyclone pre separators are able to remove particles from the air, thus they are not in touch with filter, it cause to increase filter unit longevity. All kinds of pre separators make it possible to collect massive masses of materials and some of them separate fine particles from the bigger one.