vacuum cleaner interchangeable container

Interchangeable longopac or disposable bag is used for direct discharging of materials in the bag and prevent users from touching materials and keeping them in safe condition. These bags are kinds of tank which are an alternative of steel tanks in special situations. Fighting pollution is one of the biggest challenges that various industries are in the face of it and waste materials management is a major issue. In industrial and semi industrial places there are a lot of materials that need to be collected; for example, some waste generated during industrial processes which can be collected and returned to the production cycle with proper methods, some materials should be collected for depositing in warehouses, also there are some materials which included in contamination and must be collected in good way.

Collecting, recycling and disposal of waste materials are the usage of industrial vacuum cleaners, which are chosen based on the type of material and purpose. On the other hand, some pollutants are hazardous and they should be collected with special ways in order that user does not keep in touch with dangerous substances. Also during unloading waste materials it is not allowed suspending fine dusts into the air, so an industrial vacuum cleaner with the longopac bag will be used.

An industrial vacuum cleaner with interchangeable tank is an ideal solution for various types of problems which relates to the collection of waste materials in factories, workshops and many other industrial places. When materials are vacuuming up with industrial vacuum cleaner, the material is drained directly into the bag through the interchangeable bags. These bags are disposable and replaceable, making it easy to collect materials, allowing materials to be stored in warehouses. Using longopac bags keeps work environment in safe conditions and protects the health of workers, therefor efficiency will be increased.