pipe cleaning nozzle with nozzle

pipe cleaning pipe cleaning nozzle with nozzle is one of the suitable accessories used with a pressure washer. It is reliable and efficient to drain pipes. With 3 rear firing jets, the pipe cleaning hose performs excellently. by connecting the nozzle to the pressure washer and turning it on, the water sprays from 3 firing jets to clean the pipe. 

Pipe cleaning hose as standard are available in pressure washers with the working pressure of 120 to 200 bar. To use the nozzle, you should have a machine with the water flow between 10 to 19 liter per minutes. The pipe cleaning hose is able to drain pipes with any types and diameters and not only for the home and garden.  

Features of the pipe cleaning hose 

pipe cleaning hose is an efficient accessory for removing mud and debris inside the pipes. The stainless steel nozzle fits with three firing jets that clean the pipe with lots of pressure. It is available in different length such as 10, 15, 20, 30 meter with respect to machine outlet to pipe distance. Cleaning the pipe in high speed and removing dirt with high power are another features of the pipe cleaning hose.