sand-blasting nozzle

Sandblasting nozzle is one of the useful equipment of the high pressure washer, which has a wide range of application in the heavy cleaning task, such as removal of paint and rust from the industrial equipment and metal surfaces such as ships, small boats, metal fencing and gates which due to the reduction time of cleaning, use the mixture of the sand and water. The water-sandblasting is usually used in heavy cleaning task which needs the high pressure.

The benefit of usage water-sand blasting

Using the high pressure washer to spray water with splashing of sand or silica, is an affordable and economical way in cleaning, and in addition to control and collect separated sand and silica, facilitate the operations of cleaning and exfoliation. Doing sandblasting without water, separate the considerable volume of dust and fine particles in the area. These tiny floating particles, reduce the quality of the air and due to the influence in the breathing system of the people can cause Respiratory disease. But using water sandblasting prevents the separation of dust. In addition, using the high pressure water with sandblasting, has a high impact on the cleaning quality. 

The feature of the sand blasting nozzle

Sand particles with dimensions of 0.2 to 2 mm can be sprayed with this sandblasting nozzle. The minimum and the maximum amount of working pressure which, are tolerable by the nozzle, are about 120 to 250 bar, and the minimum and maximum range of spraying speed is 10 to 19 liters per minute. The use of engineering design and special construction of the nozzle is increasing its lifespan time.