flat jet nozzle

The nozzles used in high pressure washer, by adjusting the pattern of the sprayed water, play an important role in expediting cleaning operations. The knife flat nozzles have a narrow cross-section and increase water pressure; they are used not only for surface cleaning, but also for the removal of deep layers of contamination. High pressure water from the machine pump is sprayed onto the target surfaces by passing through the high pressure hose, lance and nozzle. The Larger cross-section causes the more effective water pressure and hence it has more ability to clean and remove deeper pollutants.

Features of the knife flat nozzle

The cross-section area of the jet nozzle is related to the angle of the outlet and the degree of blade nozzle. In other words, if the spray angle and the blade's nozzle size become less, the spray cross section becomes smaller, and therefore, the effective pressure for removing pollutants is increased. The blade nozzles with the line pattern of water spraying, reduce the area of the spraying and increase the effective pressure of the device. The pattern of the water spraying in Kranzler’s M series nozzles are more linear than the D-series nozzles. Since these nozzles are in direct contact with water and detergents, they are made of stainless steel.

Importance of choosing the right nozzle

When selecting a suitable nozzle for cleaning operations, attention to the nozzle and the device maximum tolerance pressure, the maximum tolerated temperature and the number of nozzles plays an important role in increasing the lifespan of the high pressure washer device. If the cross-section of the nozzle outlet is less than standard, the pressure of the device remains constant, but the flow rate of the outlet water is reduced. In this case, the water jet pump is pressurized, also selecting a nozzle with a larger output than standard, by reducing the pressure, reduces the effective power of the device in cleaning deeper contaminants.