double lance

One of the most common Lances in high pressure washer is double Lance. The lance is formed of two nozzles with different degrees and makes the cleaning task easier. 

The features of double Lance 

Output high pressure water sprays   on the target surfaces through the high-pressure hose, lance and nozzle. Using the double lance provides the choice of appropriate operating pressure   for the user. Like the other lances of high pressure washer, due to the continuous contact with water and humidity, the double lance is made of corrosion-resistant material. Equip the lance with two different nozzles, make it possible for the user to choose the right operation pressure. The output of the water pressure is possible by turning the handle of the lance, thus facilitate and expedite the cleaning operation.

The Features of double lance’s nozzles

The nozzles play an effective role in increasing the power and speed of the cleaning and washing operation by adjusting the spray direction. The nozzles which are used in the double lance have the different numbers, one of them has low pressure and high water flow and the other one has high pressure and low water flow.