Columbus pad holder

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Columbus pad holder

The holder base is one of the main parts of an industrial scrubber that holds the cleaning pad or brush. Due to the speed of rotation and the high pressure applied to it during cleaning, this part must have a strong and durable structure. Otherwise, they may have problems and lose their effectiveness after a short time or as a result of using it. In scrubbers, the retaining spring is located inside the pad retaining base, which connects directly to the pad drive motor and holds the pad or brush in place.

The use of durable and standard parts can prevent the pad from detaching during operation and causing danger to the user. Worn springs in the holder may cause the pad to fall. When the spring wears out, or the holder's head wears out as a result of use, the connection between the holder and the pad loosens, and as soon as the pad hits the uneven surface, the entire assembly is detached from the floor washer and falls.

Most industrial scrubber pad holders, in addition to having a spring or wire to hold the pad, have small teeth on the surface designed to hold the cleaning pad in place. The pad holder is designed in a standard way so that it can be used in all types of manual and manned scrubbers.

Advantages of the convenient and standard pad holder

The use of a strong and standard pad holder improves the safety of working with the scrubber. This way, the pad or brush does not come off the machine during high-speed cleaning and rotation. Also, the pressure applied by the device on the surface, or the pressure of the brush, during cleaning can cause erosion or breakage in the pad holder. This may be due to the wear of the industrial scrubber pad holder due to prolonged use of the machine.

Improper connection of the pad with the device and loosening of the pad holder can cause wear of the pads and cleaning brushes in the industrial scrubber. This increases the cost of repairing and maintaining the device. Periodic inspection of the pad holder can prevent the cost of repairs or early replacement of parts in the industrial floor cleaner.

On the other hand, wear and thinning of the pad leads to direct contact and pulling of the pad holder to the ground and greatly increases the possibility of damage or breakage of the holder or damage to the surface. Pad wear will also reduce the ability of the pad to hold the pad and increase the pad's fall and the risk of hazards.

Tips to prevent problems or breakage in the pad holder

The industrial scrubber pad holder is a sensitive and essential part of the proper and optimal operation of this device. Therefore, you must take the necessary measures and measures in its maintenance and care. Also, by observing some points, you can prevent damage from occurring in the pad holder clamp. One of the main reasons for the failure of the retainer is the non-flat surface or the presence of numerous irregularities in it. Also, applying high pressure of the pad on the surface, in the long run, can cause damage to this part.

The tightness of the pad and brush in place and ensuring the health of the pad holding clamp ensures the quality of cleaning of the industrial floor cleaner.

Risks of the problem in industrial scrubber pad holder and its safety tips

Relying on the high speed of rotation of the brush and pad, the industrial scrubber makes it possible to clean the surfaces. Sudden malfunctions while working with the device may cause hazards and safety issues. Due to the speed of rotation and high pressure of the pad and brush, the occurrence of problems in the holder of the pad and the sudden detachment of the pad or brush can cause many problems. Therefore, observing safety tips while working with the device and periodic inspections of the device can ensure the safety of the device and prevent wasting time and energy during cleaning.