foam injector

Pressure washers can remove spots and pollutants by spraying high-pressure water onto different surfaces. However, surface contamination is not the same and sometimes some spots are not removed due to the grease and the chemical nature of the contaminated material with high pressure water. For this purpose, Foam Injectors are used in Pressure Washers.

Features of Foam Injectors

Foam Injector contains a 1 liter tank for detergent storage and an outlet duct that replaces the water jet nozzle and is installed on the lance of the machine. Oily spots easily lose adhesion and  will be clean. The nozzle positioning angle of the nozzle is easily adjustable and can be placed on the lance when spraying on the vertical and horizontal surfaces to prevent interruptions during washing and spraying. Also, the nozzle is made of stainless steel and rice so that it can last a long time and do not rust and corrode in the presence of corrosive water and corrosive chemicals.