automatic hose reel

the high-pressure washer hose is one of the main parts of this mechanized industrial cleaning device. Proper care and maintenance can ensure the efficiency and cleaning quality of the waterjet device. The use of peripherals such as automatic hose collectors can have a great impact on the optimal and correct maintenance of high-pressure hoses. Use hose collectors while working with the waterjet to prevent the hose from being trampled, coming into contact with contaminants and contaminants and direct sunlight.

Advantages of using an automatic retractor hose

Hose collectors are an accessory of industrial waterjet machines. Automatic collecting hoses are used for more regular collection, sorting, and maintenance of waterjet hoses. The high-pressure hose of the industrial waterjet device is sensitive to sunlight and environmental factors, and due to the reduction of the possibility of damage in them, an automatic collecting hose is used for its optimal maintenance.

Specifications of automatic retractor hose

There are different types of automatic hose collectors, the difference between them is the type of hose, how they are installed, opened, and closed. Hose collector pulley is widely used. This piece is made of stainless steel and has high strength, has a cohesive design, and takes up little space. The automatic hose collector pulley does not require repair, maintenance, and lubrication and has high strength. This piece consists of a swivel joint and an outlet. High-pressure hoses with a maximum pressure of 300 bar and a maximum temperature of 90 ° C can be installed and used on this automatic collecting hose.


The placement of the collecting hose does not interfere with the operation of the hose and the waterjet device and can be used to transfer water, detergent solution, oil, or air inside the hose. The automatic retractor hose reel has a mechanical brake that allows adjustment to 6 different modes. This piece can be used in different environments such as backyards, workshops, car washes, parking lots, and commercial centers. The use of an automatic collecting hose along with an industrial waterjet will ensure optimal operation, quality, and longevity of high-pressure hose in this mechanized industrial cleaning device.