scrubber dryer stripping pad

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scrubber dryer stripping pad

It is easily possible to clean all kinds of floors and floors of the halls using an industrial scrubber. One of the main factors influencing the cleaning quality of the scrubber is the cleaning pad and the washing brush of the machine. Different types of pads can be used in various cleaning and washing processes of floor surfaces. One of the types of pads used in industrial floor washing machines are scrubber peeling pads. These pads are used for heavy cleaning and peeling of surfaces. Industrial scrubber pad is classified based on its color. Scrubber peeling pads with black color are different from other types of scrubber pads.

Uses of scrubber peeling pad

Industrial scrubbers are used for various types of surface cleaning. One of the cleaning processes in which the scrubber is used is the process of peeling the surfaces. Peeling pad or black scrubber pad is used to obtain the desired quality of surface peeling operations. Removal of contaminant layers, sedimentation from the surface and deep cleaning of surfaces can be done easily using peeling pads and scrubber.

The use of various pads has an effective and significant role in cleaning and obtaining the desired quality. However, choosing the right pad with the desired process can determine the quality and accuracy of surface cleaning. During the process of peeling the surfaces, you should keep in mind that the pads used in this process have a high roughness and can easily separate the deep layers of dirt from the surfaces. However, if you do not pay attention to the type of surface to be cleaned, it may cause irreparable damage to the surface. It should be noted that the use of black pads is used only for heavy and deep cleaning.

Cleaning concrete surfaces, peeling the surfaces of production halls in industries and production workshops, removing stubborn contaminants adhering to the surface, are the main applications of this category of industrial scrubber pads.

Safety tips for using a peeling pad

While using the industrial scrubber exfoliating pad, the safety points of working with this pad should be observed to prevent possible damage to the surface. One of the things to consider when using a peeling pad is to pay attention to the surface material and its hardness.

What are the features of the scrubber peeling pad?

Peeling pads are produced in different dimensions according to the specific application so that users can easily use it in all types of scrubbers available in the market. Scrubber peeling pads are produced in the sizes of 35-40-43-53 cm and can be used in various types of industrial floor cleaners according to their washing width. High abrasion power of this type of cleaning pad is its most important feature and characteristic. The peeling process can be done wet or dry, in both types you can use floor peeling pads.