sludge sucker

There are many dirt in pools, tanks and other places with high Volumes of water. The dirt is included Mud and silt. One of the most efficient solution to remove dirt is using a sludge sucker nozzle with a high pressure washer machine. The pressure washer is a cleaning machine that spray the water with high pressure by using a high pressure pump. The trigger gun, motor, lance, nozzle and high-pressure hose are another parts of the machine.

Use a sludge sucker nozzle

To remove mud and silt by a pressure washer, user should connect the nozzle into the machine. by placing the nozzle into the water and pressing the gun, water can remove dirt. The sludge sucker is available in both simple and steel model and suitable for pool cleaning, inspection pits and emptying flooded drains. The maximum suction height is 3 meter. You can use the sludge sucker nozzle with the hose length of the 3.5 meter. The nozzle is to be used in pressure washers with the water flow rate of 10 to 20 liters per minute and with the pressure washer of 120 to 250 bar.