vacuum pre separator for hot material

Mobile pre separator with water is a special tank for collecting hot material. When the high temperature materials are vacuuming up with an industrial vacuum cleaner it is necessary to use this mobile pre separator. Hot material can make spark and then explosion. In fact, this pre separator decreases the temperature of materials because of water and cause to absorb the sparks. Due to the high temperature of the collecting material, the mobile pre separator is made of stainless steel, which is resists instead of heat and rust. Inside the tank, it is filled with some water to prevent hot sparks and hot ashes from being exposed to heat.

The mobile pre separators are used with industrial vacuum cleaners that have a heat resistant filter, which eliminates the risk of making spark and explosion. These kinds of pre separators have been designed with volume of 100 and 20 liters capacity, and the suction inlet diameter is 80 millimeters.

Mobile pre separators have been designed for using in special conditions that are installed between materials and industrial vacuum cleaner. In order to collect high volumes of different materials as well as the collection of warm materials, using a pre separator with water will be appropriate and efficient. The mobile pre separator has an industrial structure that makes it easy to use in industrial environments with hard working conditions.