vacuum cleaner anti static polyester star filter

Industrial vacuum cleaner antistatic star filter is used to prevent the accumulation of electrical loads and they are made of polyester. In some industrial places there are materials and dusts can make electrical charges and cause sparks and finally fires. For example, flour and very fine and powdery materials are the kinds of materials that during collecting substances the chance of the formation of static electricity will be increased. Therefore, L Class antistatic polyester star filters are designed to significantly reduce the chance of static electricity accumulation and they are installed on industrial vacuum cleaners.

Yonolits create a static charge when they are vacuuming and thus it will be sticked to filter body. For solving this problem the antistatic polyester star filter is replaced with conventional filters which anti static filter is able to discharge the electrical loads and Yonolits drop down into the reservoir without adhesion. Also, during vacuuming up very fine and powder materials because of the high rate of air flow, the possibility of creating an electrical charge inside the suction tube, will be increased and this event is prevented by using an antistatic filter. Another usage of antistatic star polyester filter is on an explosion proof industrial vacuum cleaner machine. In explosion proof vacuum cleaners, all components are connected together and ultimately into the ground. If the common filter is placed on these machines, there is a potential difference that causes the spark. Therefore, antistatic polyester star filter is always installed as the main filter on an explosion proof vacuum cleaner.

Antistatic polyester star filters have been manufactured with special technology that is an electric conductor in the polyester core is embedded in a network and ensures that, through this network conductive conductor, the electrical loads are completely separated from the material and evacuated. The conductive network is made of stainless steel, which has excellent chemical and thermal resistance, and in all cases when the filter itself is resistant; the conductor is also sufficiently resistant. The use of antistatic star polyester filter can greatly protect the work environment and reduce costs.