vacuum cleaner ptfe polyester star filter

Vacuum cleaner PTFE filter is a category of star polyester filters which is made of Teflon membrane that has anti adhesion features. The usage of these kinds of filters is important when we want to collect very fine and powdered materials with industrial or semi industrial vacuum cleaner machines. These particles penetrate the depth of the non Teflon filters and remain in the pores, which, over time, become more and more cumulative and cause clogging the filter. Therefor the longevity of the filter will be reduced and the vacuum cleaner's function will disrupt.

When it is necessary to collect powdered materials in various industries such as cement industry, a PTFE polyester star filter should be installed on the industrial vacuum cleaner. Because of the Teflon membrane of the polyester star filter, the fine particles slip over the filter surface after contact with it and drop into the vacuum cleaner tank. By using this unique filter, the powder and fines are not accumulated in the filter pores and the process of collecting materials such as cement, plaster, etc., is done without blocking the filter and reducing its lifetime.

The PTFE Polyester star filter has a very low friction coefficient, which makes it hard to stick and remove easily; as a result, industrial vacuum cleaners performance will improve, productivity will increase and costs will reduce. The Teflon polyester star filter is installed as the main filter on industrial vacuum cleaners, which is used by default in some vacuum cleaners and optionally in some others. The use of PTFE filters in industrial vacuum cleaner machines has many advantages for users, because, in addition to the process of fine particulate suction is performed with a better quality, the filter becomes less polluted and easy to clean.