vacuum cleaner nomex polyester star filter

The NOMEX polyester star filter is a heat resistant filter. This efficient and effective filter is installed on industrial vacuum cleaners and it is used when it is necessary to collect high temperature materials or when collecting materials in very hot places. The NOMEX polyester star filter can tolerate the high temperature of the vacuumed materials up to 250 ° C and it resists expose of hot particles. These kinds of polyester star filters are suitable for collecting dust, ash, metal chips and other substances with high temperature. It should be noted that these filters are heat insulated, but are not fire proof.

The NOMEX polyester star filter has a high degree of thermal resistance, which optimizes the performance of the industrial vacuum cleaner filtration system. The filter is cleaned by integrated filter cleaning system such as filter shaker or air compressor. The NOMEX filter is used in various industries such as chemical industry, oil and petrochemical industry, food industry, etc. in many other factories and industrial centers, industrial vacuum cleaner with NOMEX filter are used. This filter can continuously process the filtration process.

Industrial vacuum cleaner machines are widely used in industries and they are used for general cleaning, dust collecting and transfer of materials. Industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with an efficient filtration system that is appropriate for the type of the machine, type of material and environmental conditions. The heat resistance filter is also one of a variety of filters specially designed and manufactured, which can filter fine particles and small particles.