vacuum cleaner bag filter

A vacuum cleaner pocket filter is an unclassified filter that is used for everyday and usual applications in commercial vacuum cleaner machines and also it is used specifically in industrial three phase vacuum cleaners which can be integrated in production lines like textile industries. The pocket filter occupies some of the container capacity and vacuumed materials are collected under this filter in commercial ranges. In textile vacuum cleaners materials are collected into the pocket filter. In order to clean pocket filter, it should be removed from the vacuum cleaner and cleaned with the air compressor or shaking to remove remaining particles.

One of the main uses of pocket filters is in industrial three phase vacuum cleaner a professional in textile industry. In the textile industry and other similar industries, such as carpet weavers, contaminants are dispersed in the environment and among industrial machinery. These are lightweight and stringed fibers, so the used filter must not have groove and pores, thus the pocket filter will be appropriate for these types of wastes. In order to prevent filter clogging, a pocket filter is installed in the industrial vacuum cleaner of the textile industry.

The textile industrial vacuum cleaner pocket filter is placed in the upper part of the machine and the sucked materials are collected on it. It causes to prevent damaging motor and suction unit of the vacuum cleaner machine. The filter pocket is typically made of nylon and it is easy to remove it from the vacuum for cleaning. The vacuum cleaner pocket filter will not be clogged due to lack of groove and only holds the material inside.