industrial vacuum cleaner wand

Industrial vacuum cleaner double curves wand is a connection between the floor brush and suction hose of the vacuum cleaner, which vacuumed materials are passed through it and then through suction hose and eventually into the vacuum cleaner container. The vacuum cleaner double curves wand category is made of aluminum and stainless steel which both of them have high performance. Aluminum wands are installed on industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners and they have lightweight. Stainless steel wands are anti rust and they are used in situations where vacuum cleaners are constantly in contact with water and moisture, or in special environments such as food and pharmaceutical industries. In these kinds of industries, hygiene is really important and no rust should be seen in them. The curves make it possible to clean under body of stuffs such as shelf, etc. easily.

The vacuum cleaner double curves wands have an ergonomic design. It has two curves that cause to make it a user friendly equipment. Thus the movement of the handle on the surface of the ground becomes easier. The aluminum and stainless steel wands can be designed and made in different diameters. The choice of equipment with a suitable diameter depends on the type of operation, the type of vacuum cleaner machine and the material to be used; that is, when it comes to some materials, it is necessary to select a smaller diameter aluminum or stainless steel wand or to collect other types of materials equipment with a larger diameter should be used.