vacuum cleaner floor brush

Vacuum cleaner floor brush and floor squeegee with wheels are used for easy ground cleaning and it is attached to the double curved wand during use. The floor cleaning tools with wheels are available in a variety of models. The floor brush has been designed for collecting dry materials and the floor squeegee has been produced for vacuuming up liquid or wet materials. These tools make it possible to collect more and more material from the floors easily and quickly. The floor cleaning tools are made of aluminum and stainless steel with various suction diameters that are selected according to the working place and its condition; some places have need high level of cleanliness and sanitation such as food industry, pharmaceutical Industry, etc. stainless steel floor tool is used, also when we want to collect high volume of water it is necessary to use stainless steel equipment. There are two small wheels insides of floor cleaning, which allow the smooth and easy moving this equipment on the floor.

Industrial vacuum cleaner floor cleaning nozzles are manufactured with different diameters that are chosen depending on the volume of materials to be collected. The diameter of the floor nozzle should be proportional to the diameter of the suction hose, so that during suction of a high volume of material, the suction process will be done well. The larger suction hose diameter will need the larger suction diameter of cleaning floor nozzle. Produce a wide range of vacuum cleaner accessories allows users to enjoy using the best of industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners. Suitable accessories such as floor brush and floor squeegee can be fitted for cleaning floors, and as a result, the cleaning process is carried out with ease and speed. By using appropriate equipment such as aluminum and stainless steel floor brush and squeegee, various types of materials and contaminants can be collected and the work place would be cleaned and safe.