HEPA filter

HEPA Filter is a high efficiency cartridge filter of industrial vacuum cleaners which can hold the fine particles up to 0.3 microns and make the filtration process up to 99.97% efficient. This filter is installed as a secondary filter (safety) on the top of the main filter of industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners and it can be very useful in cases where the particle size distribution is very tiny. The HEPA filter is the final stage of filtration and the use of HEPA filter is essential when fine powder is collected or the environment is the smallest proportion of pollutant particles. The HEPA filter is also used for collecting toxic and hazardous dust and it is necessary to install a class H filter on vacuum cleaner.

HEPA is abbreviation of High Efficiency Particulate Air. The HEPA filter is composed of highly interlaced fiberglass fibers, which tends to trap fine particles. Particles with dimensions of 0.3 microns are more suspended in air than other particles with smaller or larger sizes and pass through common filters, so filters in the H class are based on filtration of these particles. The H class filter (HEPA) will be used with vacuum cleaner in various industries such as pharmacy, food industry, chemical industry, rubber, electronic manufacturing industry, cement industry, construction industry and in any other environment that is considering any kind of powder materials and fine dust. The HEPA filter guarantees user safety in the work environment and does not allow returning collected particles and materials to the environment.