PVC Brush

VC brush nozzle is a useful nozzle for various types of vacuum cleaners which are used to clean surfaces with a low cross section such as furniture, tables and chairs, shelves, curtains, angled and bulbous areas such as ceilings, etc. The round shape of this nozzle makes it possible to clean the sofas and other places that are difficult to access for cleaning and they can not be cleaned with the usual tools. With PVC brush will be easy to access to the difficult areas and clean them easily. The body of this vacuum cleaner nozzle is made of PVC and its surface is covered with brush fibers which collect dust, hair, pearls and garbage. The round head brush has been designed and manufactured for use with a variety of commercial, semi industrial and industrial brushes.

The vacuum cleaner PVC brush nozzle will be installed on the inlet of hose, after that the user can clean the surface he wants. These kinds of brushes are washable and it's important to improve the durability and useful life of this piece with cleaning or washing. In industrial and semi industrial environments such as workshops, factories, or warehouses, this brush can be used to clean equipment and parts, shelves for storing goods, cleaning industrial machines and similar surfaces. For example, industrial parts and equipment have plenty of porosity that is an efficient and suitable way to remove contaminants such as dirt and dirt from the industrial machinery by vacuum cleaners along with this nozzle. At home, commercial and office areas, this brush has many uses for furniture and other appliances.