square brush

A square brush is used with an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean flat surfaces, corners and remove contaminants, and provides excellent cleaning for porous surfaces. This accessory is available in two types of nylon square brush and steel square brush, which are used according to the surface type and the severity of the contamination. Steel square brushes are used to remove deep and intense contamination layers, and the nylon brushes are suitable for cleaning finer surfaces. The square brush can be used easily in industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners, and when accessing a particular point is difficult, the use of this equipment will be an effective way to remove pollutants layers. The design and construction of these square brushes have been designed to clean areas with access restrictions that are often the most contaminated particles and the hardest of them are accumulated at these points.

The square brush is easily attached to the vacuum cleaner and also separated; moreover the operator can simply use it. When using a square brush, air is absorbed around the brush due to hair fibers, so it is best to use vacuum cleaners with high airflow. The square brush attached handle is curved and when the user puts this brush on a surface, especially the horizontal surfaces, such as the classification of a shelf, the brush is completely placed on the surface and the operator is more fluent in cleaning operations. Other usages of this types of industrial vacuum cleaner accessories are cleaning up the pitted surfaces and can vacuum up trapped contamination in these cavities as well.