vacuum cleaner conical rubber nozzle

Conical rubber nozzle is an anti static, flexible and pointed vacuum curved nozzle that is used to effectively clean areas with hard to access, such as corners and angles, cavities, grooves, and so on. This nozzle is a professional tool for cleaning of industrial machinery and production lines, especially for collecting oils and fluids from corners, angels and cavities. Conical rubber nozzle is one of the most useful accessories which is used with variety of industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners and has a cutting ability due to its rubber structure. The conical rubber nozzle with its special connector will be installed on the vacuum cleaner suction hose and the operator will be able to easily move the nozzle into the desired parts. It is important to pay attention to airflow rate to avoid blocking air path in high airflow vacuum cleaners.

On industrial sites, various industrial machinery and equipment perform various industrial activities, and there are many out of reach parts in this equipment. On the other hand, lubricating and cooling oils and other liquids are used in many processes and production stages which can easily penetrate holes, corners and angles. Such materials and other contaminants in these sectors will lead to the destruction of machinery and reduce their efficiency, and ultimately cause to reduction in the efficiency of the entire production system. Industrial vacuum cleaners are used in wide ranges of industrial and semi industrial environments and are used to collect various types of pollution inclusive solid and liquid waste. The conical rubber nozzle is installed on the vacuum cleaners to improve the efficiency of industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners and to allow them cleaning hard to reach there is no way to clean them normally.