vacuum cleaner rubber cone section nozzle

Rubber cone section anti static nozzle of vacuum cleaner is used to clean corners, hard to reach surfaces and surfaces with low cross section. This nozzle has a larger inlet than the conical nozzle and curved nozzles, so it can absorb large scale waste and contaminants. For example, metal chips, plastic chips in the plastic injection industry and many other solid and liquid wastes will be vacuumed up by this nozzle. One of the most notable applications of the rubber cone section nozzle is ability of removing contaminants or metallic debris from inside closed areas like a closed chamber or a lattice surface. In some machines, there are grids or small pore portions that tiny trashes can easily pass through these panels and reach inaccessible parts. In this case, the use of an industrial vacuum cleaner with a rubber cone section nozzle will be an optimal and efficient way to collect localized contaminants.

The proper size of the suction nozzle allows the nozzles to accumulate topically completely from the areas in question. The nozzle is fitted to the vacuum cleaner through special connector. Anti static properties of nozzles prevent the creation of static electrical loads when sucking materials which are able to produce an electric charge. Industrial machinery and equipment are among the parts that have a lot of porosity and during the various processes of the various types of pollutants produced in these areas will eventually lead to disruptions in the functioning of the equipment and reduce the quality of the products. Therefore, cleaning operation is a great importance not only in terms of beauty but also in terms of maintenance of the machinery. By choosing right nozzles, cleaning hard to reach areas will be possible and done easily.