vacuum cleaner round brush

The round brush nozzle is used for overhead cleaning such as pipes and circular surfaces, and can be provided as an accessory for industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners. This operation can be a high risk action. This nozzle, with curved brush insert, has a crescent shape that is used for cleaning of dangerous dirt and debris of the outside of smaller diameter pipes, ducting and any other rounded duct work. The round brush has been designed and manufactured in lengths of 100 mm and 200 mm, and its 90 ° bend makes the nozzle fully cover the surface. This brush is an efficient tool for cleaning rough surfaces and makes it easy to access out of reach sections. The nozzle is equipped with nylon brush and also it is open in the middle side. This shape means dust and debris will be sucked in well.

In some industries, dust and other pollutants accumulated on the surface of the pipes and channels can lead to dangers such as fire, therefore part of the maintenance and repair plans of the facilities are dedicated to cleaning these surfaces. In this case, the use of a round brush nozzle with industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners will be an efficient and ideal way to clean pipes and curved surfaces. Since the nozzle is equipped with a brush, dust and contamination are well collected from the curved surface, which results in theoretical parts that are out of reach and do not have any maneuvering. They will be completely clean.