vacuum cleaner scraping steel nozzle

Scraping steel nozzle is suitable for digging and collecting hard materials from the floor. The nozzle is made of steel totally and scratched with similar function; it collects stubborn materials well from the surfaces. The scraping steel nozzle has a long handle (1200 mm), which makes the user do not bend as much as possible during cleaning operation and uses the nozzle when he is standing. This feature allows the user to operate long term without fatigue. On the other hand, the small handle on the nozzle is an important part that makes it easier for the user to control the nozzle. Ergonomic design, high durability and are the unique features of the industrial vacuum cleaner nozzle. Heavy duty, industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners by special equipment such as scraping steel nozzle cause to collect materials which can be retrieved, also the volume of contaminants will be reduced to minimum amounts. These professional tools allow increasing vacuuming up capacity.

The vacuum cleaner scraping nozzle has been designed and manufactured to provide better performance, control and greater power of the vacuum cleaner. It is used in industrial places for hard processes with difficult working conditions. In many factories and industrial environments, there are huge amounts of materials that can sometimes be recovered and sometimes fall into waste and contaminants. In order to collect these materials from the floors and other surfaces, industrial vacuum cleaners and scraping steel nozzles can be used. The suction inlet of this nozzle has been designed to completely contact the surface with deep absorption of the material.