vacuum cleaner rubber scraping nozzle

Rubber scraping nozzle of a vacuum cleaner is used to remove material and contaminants from surfaces by scratching without damaging. One side of the scraping nozzle is flat and the other side is sinusoidal shape, which makes the contaminants easier to separate and suction. This nozzle is made of rubber, which allows various surfaces to be cleaned and the undercoat surface does not damage during cleaning. The rubber scraping nozzle has a larger suction inlet than the suction hose diameter and it causes to vacuum up materials with higher quality. The industrial vacuum cleaner rubber scraping nozzle is also suitable for cleaning small and far away areas, the margin of industrial machinery and so on. Moreover, it is suitable for sucking up wet and dry mixture.

Workshops, factories and many production centers are contaminated environments that require constant and continuous cleaning; also, it is necessary to collect other waste materials generated during processing. Sometimes powdery and soft contaminants are mixed with oil and other absorbent liquids that make it more difficult to clean. Vacuum cleaner scraping nozzle helps to remove solid and liquid contaminants with high resistance from the surface, cause for better cleaning. There is an aluminum connector to make a connection between the nozzle and suction hose.