vacuum cleaner aluminium handgrip

Aluminum handgrip nozzle with bend and handle is used to suction and collect masses of different materials in industrial units with industrial vacuum cleaners. This suction tube is made of aluminum, which has light weight and it is suitable for industrial hard processes. There is a handle on the body of the round nozzle, which the user has an optimal ergonomic position. With this handles, the operator will be able to work for a long time without any problems, on the other hand Thanks to this handle, the user has a perfect ergonomic posture, so the long term use of this nozzle is no problem at all. Accumulated waste and material as well as local contaminants are easily collected through a round aluminum nozzle.

There is a bend at the end of the suction tube; it increases the operator's ease of use and control over the process of cleaning and collecting materials. One of the most important uses of the aluminum handgrip with bend and handle is the possibility of cleaning corners and edges, which is due to its proper diameter and curved structure. This suction will be fitted on the industrial vacuum cleaners and is used in industrial environments which are full of industrial waste and residue, and provides unique, quick and easy collection operation of these materials. The production of nozzle made of aluminum makes it easy to grasp and use.