Automatic rollover car wash - MSTART

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brand : Istobal category : Automatic Car wash code : M'START

M'START is a rollover car wash machine from Istobal company. It can be used for washing 400 to 1200 vehicles a month. The machine has a simple and strong design and can be used easily and without any skills. It resists against moisture because of galvanized coating of the body. All part and equipment of the machine are placed on the rollover. The rollover moves by a rail and so the washing process are performed Respectively. With the flexible programming of the machine, Different wash programs can be configured, speeds can be parametrized, chemical products can be dosed, light sign codes can be set, etc.

By using three Link feel brush are made of polyethylene, M'START machine removes any deep dirt. They are included two vertical brushes and a horizontal one that don’t damage the car body. The accurate wash control thanks to 10 tilt of side brushes. Two brush are also used for washing wheels and rings accurately. With a number of high pressure pre-wash options, the stubborn are removed from the vehicle body.

The oscillating high pressure with rotating and zero angle nozzles is located on the side at the top of the car wash. M'START car wash has two nozzles for rinsing and drying. For drying operation, wax is sprayed to make slip the water and so the vehicle is dried fast. There are also four Engine Dryer at the top of the system for drying. A flap is used to change angle for directing wind flaw according to shape of vehicle body. M'START rollover car wash is equipped with photocell sensors to control of the brush pressure on the body and detect the wheel position intelligently. 

technical specifications

general specifications

wash capacity (cars per hour) 8-10
max wash height (m) 2.3
max wash width (m) 2.4

brush specifications

number of brushes 3
brush type polyethylene

physical specifications

body Material galvanized steel
height and width of machine 3.10 × 4.10
length of rail (m) 9

drier system specifications

total power (watt) 13.6
number-power of top dryer 2 – 3.8 KW
numbe - power of side dryer 2 – 3 KW
horizontal dryer lift yes
angle dryer standard

water and shampoo spray specifications

number of rinse - Wax nozzle 2
number of shampoo spray nozzle 12

Special Features

wheel wash yes
PLC controller yes - simple
speed control capability no
safety system against frost optional


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