facade cleaning system-Qleen Disy Basic

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The Qleen Disy Basic is an economical solution for the washing of glass surfaces and other washable surfaces with outdoor water, provided by Lehmann, Germany as a specialized manufacturer of glass and interior and exterior equipment. The standard set comes with standard carbon and aluminum lenses, which cover up to 13/69 m, and can be washed by changing the lances up to a maximum of 21 m at the request of the customer. For this reason, the Qleen Disy Basic is equipped with a Venturi pump to submit the water up to the specified height, so the washing process will be easy to do. Due to the cable's Qleen Disy Basic system, it can be used continuously and without worry about the battery's end. If the user intends to rinse a large surface, he can use efficient machine, this can easily be done. The lances provided with this set are of fast connectivity and, as a result, increase the length of the lance, its diameter remains steady, and its control is easy to control, especially when used for high-level washings. This 25-liter filtration tank is located on a simple, industrial chassis. As a result, the machine also has affordable prices for ease of use and transportation. Among other features of the Qleen Disy Basic, it is possible to spray detergents and hardness gauges .The Disy Basic Qleen chassis and wheels have a very simple design that delivers higher performance and more economic efficiency. The efficient wheel and chassis make it easy to move the tank and hose, and the user can safely work with the machine. The distinctive feature of the Disy Basic Qleen is due to efficient and powerful filtration system, which provides separation of pure water and water deposits, without any signage. The system is made up of a 25-liter tank containing a poor resin mix and the device is equipped with a hardener system, indicating the arrival time of the filter replacement.

technical specifications

general specifications

max height (m) 21
lance Length (m) 13.69
lance material Carbon-Aluminum
chassis and wheel Yes

filtration unit specifications

volume filter (l) 25

physical specifications

weight (kg) 50
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1100X550X660


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