heavy-duty floor sweeper ATLV 4300

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brand : Tennant category : Floor Sweeper code : ATLV 4300

The ATLV is a fairly large cleaning device that has the ability to effectively clean a wide area as large as a football field for about half an hour. ATLV stands for All-Terrain Litter Vacuum, meaning "vacuum cleaner in all environments". With a debris-recovering capacity nearly twice that of any competitor, the ATLV All-Terrain Litter Vacuum restores beauty to parks, school grounds, city sidewalks, monuments, shopping centers even zoos. 

The ATLV sweeper with a width of 1170 mm is ideal for cleaning the environments with a wide area. This sweeper has 415-liter tank that makes it possible to use more time and collect a lot of waste. Vacuum nozzle with adjustable handle reaches to collect all types of contamination such as cans and broken glass, and clean thoroughly trees, walls and fences. The ATLV can be used in a variety of surface, including grass green spaces and parks as well as concrete and asphalt. An optional vacuum wand lets operators clean hard-to reach places.

Special attention is paid to the design of the ATLV sweeper, in addition to its full safety when working with the device. Special attention was given to operator safety and comfort in designing the ATLV LitterVac. Plus, ergonomically designed seat and controls reduce operator fatigue to ensure the job gets done right. The debris container is a stainless steel and can be used with standard waste bags. Four wide, all-terrain tires deliver greater mobility and minimize ground compaction. Dual rear-wheel disc brakes in this sweeper provide sure stops and limited slip traction. Uni-body frame construction makes it more robust and more secure.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 9800
Max speed (Km/h) 26
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 21
cleaning width (mm) 1170
minimum round width(cm) 407

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 415

motor and power supply specifications

motor type diesel
power (KW) 21

physical specifications

dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2590×1170×2110


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