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brand : Ebrahim category : Floor Sweeper code : Azura Concept

The Azura Concept industrial floor sweeper is known as a powerful device to eliminate all types of dry and solid pollution. Large urban and industrial areas can be easily cleaned due to equipping the device with a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 60 kW, a 70-liter fuel tank and two brushes with a diameter of 900 mm. Equipped with hydrostatic steering system and propulsion motor, the device can be easily guided. This device is an ideal and unique device for the most difficult cleaning conditions, especially in uncovered environments.

Technical and visual features

Azura Concept hard-working ride-on sweeper machine with a cleaning width of 2450 mm and a maximum speed of 15 km / h is able to eliminate a wide range of impurities. Other features of this industrial device include:

- tank capacity

The capacity of the tank and the way of emptying have a direct effect on the speed of the cleaning operation. Azura Concept city sweeper with a 2000 liter waste tank and the possibility of fully automatic emptying at a height of 1400 mm without direct user intervention, cleans and collects contaminants.

- Appearance

The weight of Azura Concept ride on floor sweeper machine is 4500 km in dimensions (height, width and length, respectively) 1980 * 1250 * 3900 mm and requires a minimum radius of 3600 mm in order to bypass. This powerful machine can move on surfaces with a slope of 25 degrees and has high maneuverability for cleaning various industrial spaces.

- Equipped with water tank

One of the most important features of the Azura Concept industrial sweeper is its 300 liter water tank, which allows it to be connected to an industrial pressure machine. In this way, in addition to cleaning and collecting contaminants, the place can be washed and a higher level of hygiene in the environment can be achieved.

technical specifications

general specifications

Max speed (Km/h) 15.50
maximum gradient on ramp (%) 25
cleaning width (mm) 2450

tank specifications

water tank capacity (L) 300
hopper capacity (L) 2000
hopper emptying height (m) 1400

brush specifications

number of brushes 2
side brush diameter (mm) 900

motor and power supply specifications

motor type دیزل/ سیلندر
power (KW) 62
fuel tank capacity (L) 70

physical specifications

weight (kg) 4500
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1980×1250×3900

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