high pressure washer - Therm 601 E-ST 24

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Kranzle Therm 601 E-ST 24 is an electric hot water station with state-of-the-art flow heater. In addition to delivering hot and high-pressure water, this electrically hot water station is able to spray steam with temperature up to 155 centigrade and it is capable of applying detergent without having to reduce the working pressure. So this machine is an ideal one to be used in places where a high level of hygiene is needed.

Therm 601 E-ST 24 high-pressure cleaner is equipped with an electric flow heater which is distinguished by low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency even in continuous operations. The electric heater means no oil consumption and pollution so this machine is an environment-friendly tool. Furthermore, the flow heater is located after the pump and no hot water enters the pump. Furthermore, water temperature is controlled by a digital thermostat which can operate in two modes. The operator can adjust the temperature or operation time base on percentage. In the percentage mode, temperature tolerance is only +/- 1 centigrade. This modern thermostat has a memory and all the setting can be saved in it.

The housing of this robust high-pressure washer is manufactured out of top quality stainless steel. The simple and practical control panel includes a master switch for appliance on-off, a heating switch for burner on-off, brief operating instructions, large stainless steel pressure gauge, digital thermostat and detergent switch (on-off). Therm 601 E-ST 24 is also equipped with an integrated operating hour meter.

This hot water station is fitted with a total stop system. if the trigger gun is closed for longer than 20 seconds, the machine switches off automatically, after 20 minutes the machine moves to the safety switch off and the operator must use the main switch to turn it on again. The operating pressure, the water flow and the water temperature are controlled by the pressure control valve.

technical specifications

general specifications

max admissible over pressure (bar) 165
detergent pressure yes
water tank yes
total stop system yes

pump specifications

operating pressure (bar) 30-165
water output (liter/min) 16.5
inlet water temperature, max (˚C) 60
nozzle size 025

motor and power supply specifications

motor type electric
power (KW) 26.6
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 400/50

physical specifications

high pressure hose length (m) 10
weight (kg) 130
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 800×650×1000


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