scale removal

Pipelines and all routes for transmission of fluid from one point to another or storage tanks, due to the presence of impurities in the material after a period of time will make scaling. In order to transfer oil and gas, as well as the movement of fluids in factories, power plants, refineries to the desired location the pipelines are installed and its structure is depending on the type of material, thus the size of the pipe diameter and length are changed. These impurities are deposited on the walls of pipes and tanks that cause to remaining layers of hard sediment gradually.

Scaling disorders

The formed sediment in transport lines, tanks, boilers, heat exchangers etc. make the fluid flow  disrupted, also it cause to losing of materials. On the other hand the sediment will make adverse impact on the quality of the fluids. Scaling in pipes that have a smaller cross section make the worse problems and the path of material is blocked. Lack of timely removal of theses sediment layers makes the operation harder. Therefore, it is necessary to descaling the transport lines with the correct methods on time.

Scale removal traditional ways

The deposited sediment on the walls of pipes depends on the type of material and it can be soft or hard. Using of chemicals and acid to remove sediment layers was one of the old fashioned methods that have been prevalent in the past; though this material sedimentary layers, but because of corrosion and degradation property and environmental effects is not a suitable way.

Scale removal high pressure

In these days, designing and manufacturing of advanced industrial cleaning equipment such as industrial high pressure machines which include a wide variety of applications, descaling operation is also executable. With the benefit of industrial high pressure a large amount of soft and hard and deep sediment can be separated from the surfaces and the original will not make any damage main surface. In order to does descaling process, rotary nozzles and special nozzles designed and produced specially; this equipment enables to remove the thickest sediment from pipes and the tiniest tubes. A 200 bar high pressure washer machines for the removal of soft sediments and an ultra high pressure machine is an appropriate device for deep scaling.

Scale removal with high pressure advantages

The professional high pressure machines deposits with rotary and other special nozzles will operate quickly with excellent and the main surface is protected and increases the lifetime of the equipment and facilities. No chemicals and acid in this process are not used; therefor this method is clean and environmentally friendly.

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