city services

Related to the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and beautification of the city and public places, municipal employees are responsible for cleaning duty. Due to the many different causes of pollution generated in the city, cleaning will be very hard work for the staff and cleaners. The new mechanized devices are made to be able to do a lot of cleaning services in the city, that a user is sufficient without being tired. Three examples of devices that suitable city services and street cleaning are described. The devices are used for city services work with gasoline or diesel, because in city environment connecting to electricity for the use of these devices is not an easy task.


street sweeper is a mechanized device that is used to collect dust and solid waste spilled on the ground. The device in some models has two brushes and in others has three brushes, and dust is thrown into the bucket inside devices using suction system. Street sweepers are ride on floor and user run it as a vehicle.  So dustman is safe when cleaning the streets at midnight, and probability of damage and injuries is decreased


water jet wash surfaces with high-pressure water. Water jet is used to remove deep dirt, sediment, rust, degreasing and so on. To wash facades, wall, floor, equipment and devices parks and other public places, streets and lining the streets of the device used. This device used to washing facades, wall, floor, equipment and devices in parks and other public places, streets and lining the streets.

3-Industrial vacuum

a vacuum device is used to collect small waste materials that have gathered at one point, suction piles of soil, solid and liquid contaminants as well as small and large. This powerful vacuums are used rather than the traditional methods to speed up the operation several times.

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