stationary high-pressure washer

Pressure washer is a cleaning machine to facilitate the washing and cleaning operation. The machines are divided to mobile and stationary devices base on the movement. The stationary ones are placed in a specified area and don’t need to movement. So you can use it in area that need the center and fixed machines. This pressure washer requires accurate and appropriate plumbing and can be used only by connecting the hose and lance. Stationary pressure washers are available in two models: hot and cold water.

Stationary Pressure washer feature

Stationary pressure washer is a suitable cleaning machine in industry, agriculture and food industry. In the following, we will describe some future of the machines.

The body of the stationary pressure washers is made of stainless steel or steel. So the machines are durable with the high resistance. To prevent corrosion of the body, stationary pressure washers are made all from stainless steel specially used in food industry.

Easy to use and installation
The machine is used in places that don’t need to move the equipment. It is easy to install it and the user can begin the operation by turning on the machine and connecting the suitable lance and nozzles.

High performance
Stationary pressure washer uses a powerful motor to perform heavy duty process in a long time. so it's pump is made from Stainless steel. Also with increasing the length of the hose, the exiting water doesn’t sustain the pressure drop.

With several pumps
Many of Stationary pressure washers are usually equipped with multiple pumps. So it is possible to perform heavy duty processes by using the machines.

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