vacuum cleaner usage in floor grinding

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Used for the restoration and preparation of surfaces for the final payment or for the installation of new flooring, machines and dispensers are used. The deposition involves peeling from hard surfaces such as surfaces of stone, concrete, wood, gypsum, etc. In this process, due to the separation of layers of the surface of the tissue, the production of dust and solid waste is inevitable. Construction companies, contractors, service providers and floor service providers are active in the field of rehabilitation and use a variety of scaffolding devices to achieve this goal. Dust from airborne foam or substrate that contains a high percentage of toxic and dangerous particles. Some dispensers have protective systems, but they do not have enough safety and it is necessary to use more advanced equipment, such as industrial vacuum cleaners, along with these devices.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner in floor grinding

Pollutants and waste produced in the sandy flooring process have many problems in terms of safety, health and well-being. In order to minimize the volume of contaminants and thus reduce the damage, the industrial vacuum cleaner can be attached directly to the machine. By connecting the industrial sucker to the dust collector and the solid particles created from the source, they are directly injected and, without being able to reach the environment, they are interposed in the sucker and reservoir reservoir. Sucking the pollutant from the point of production means cleaning up the cleaner and increasing the cleaning speed at the end of the work.

How to connect the vacuum cleaner to the machine

It is possible to install the industrial vacuum cleaner on the floor underneath both directly and with the interface tank. When the tank is used, the powder particles interface and the remaining waste from the peeling of the floor into the reservoir interface, and fine particles of dust are transferred to the industrial vacuum cleaner. Due to the volume of work, the length of the grinding and the severity of the contamination, we can also use the semi-industrial vacuum cleaners.

Remove dust with industrial vacuum cleaners

The dust generated during the kneading process for the safety of the work environment and the health of users and others present in the environment is extremely harmful and dangerous and the best and most efficient way to deal with these pollutants is to suction from the production point by industrial vacuum cleaner. Be In addition to industrial strength, the industrial suckers have a powerful and effective filtration system that prevents particles from returning to the environment. Therefore, an industrial vacuum cleaner is used to collect and remove various pollutants of different nature, such as dust, dry and powdered materials, and even fluids.


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