hot pressure washer application

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Contamination and stains on surfaces are sometimes so fixed and stubborn that they simply do not go away and cause many problems. Especially if these contaminants accumulate in industrial environments such as factories and workshops or production halls. Undoubtedly, cleaning such environments is an important factor in increasing work efficiency and quality. Today, with the use of industrial cleaning devices, various types of pollution can be easily eliminated in a short time and with the most appropriate quality. One of these devices is hot pressure washer, which is used in various industries.

What is a pressure washer?

high Industrial pressure washer is one of the most basic equipment in cleaning different environments. The device uses a high-pressure pump to increase the inlet water pressure several times the standard, and the liquid, which is now very powerful, is sprayed on a surface after passing through a high-pressure hose, lens, and a special nozzle. Due to the high pressure, water has become a powerful material that can remove even the most stubborn and sticky contaminants. The possibility of connecting to different nozzles based on the type of application, creating a certain flow and pressure, increasing the temperature of the outlet water are the capabilities that can be seen at some types of high pressure washer.

Types of industrial pressure washer

A common method in the industrial pressure washer classification is based on the temperature of the roaring water. Based on this, the industrial car wash machine is divided into two categories: hot water and cold water:

Cold water jet

In most home use to industrial washing, the use of cold water pressure washer can eliminate contaminants to an acceptable level. Connecting to special nozzles such as standard, needle and rotating nozzles, as well as the possibility of adding detergent to the washing process, can increase the water’s washability.

Hot industrial pressure washer

Sometimes it is necessary to use hot pressure washer, especially when removing greasy and oily contaminants in certain environments or during disinfection operations along with washing. In these devices, industrial washing is done using hot water and thus it is completely washed and at the same time it is cleaned from pathogens. In order to prevent damage to the pump, water heater is installed after the pump. This device has a more specialized function and is generally more expensive than cold water.


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