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Complete introduction of industrial vacuum cleaners

Using new way for cleaning cause increase quality and it’s healthy, also increase operation speed and decrease cost. Saving time is another opportunity. vacuum cleaners one of the best in floor industrial cleaning equipment.by this vacuum cleaner, can suction every dust and Contamination. This operation causes increases health level and is care of the health of employees. Also using vacuum cleaner cause increase the quality of product and useful life of devices.

The different part of vacuum cleaner

All vacuum cleaner is same in their operation. There are vacuum motor, tank, and filter in all of the vacuum cleaner but there is the difference between the vacuum cleaner. motor and pump and also filter are different between vacuum cleaners.


Pumps used in industrial vacuum cleaners can be Centrifugal, side-channel or venturi. Centrifugal pumps are a batch of suction pumps in which the centrifugal force produces air suction. Due to the rotation of the centrifuge pump, the central part of the air is sent to the centrifugal force, resulting in a relative vacuum in the center of the pump that causes the material to come from outside into it. The enhanced centrifugal pump is more powerful because of the unique design with a higher ability to absorb more air.

In the side-channel pump, the rotation of the blades of the pump causes the air to pass through the air channel to the outside. In this category of pumps, the higher the precision of the pump, the greater the ability to create a vacuum.

In the Venturi pump, the intake of compressed air enters the pump and passes through the Venturi canal and goes out of the other side. Due to the design of a branch in the Venturi channel to the sucker reservoir, the speed of the compressed air and the precise design of the pump, a relative vacuum is generated at the channel’s place, which causes air to flow out of the tank.

Types of engines in industrial vacuum cleaners

The engine is used as a suction pump vacuum cleaner. Engines are offered in a variety of different ways, each of which has various working abilities and applications. The general engine and turbine engine are types of engines used in industrial vacuum cleaners.

Coal is used in the design of a collector motor to transport electric energy between the rotor and the external source.

Electromagnetic induction is used in turbine engines instead of coal to transfer power from the outside to the rotor. As a result, this category of engines has the ability to operate continuously, in addition to higher power and speed

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