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Industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used at all kinds of enterprises: construction sites, factories and plants, workshops, and car service shops. Some hi-tech models are specifically designed to eliminate toxic substances, broken glass, cement, liquids, etc. Even the most powerful conventional home cleaners would never cope with such tasks.

Industrial vacuum cleaners differ from their household counterparts not only in power but also in service life, performance, durability, hose diameter, tank capacity, etc. Professional units are manufactured in various designs with a wide range of features.

Main types

Most industrial vacuum cleaners are universal and can remove construction waste, dust, wood, or metal chips. However, there are specialized models designed to solve specific cleaning tasks.

Industrial vacuum cleaners can be divided into five main types according to their purpose.

  • – Units for dry cleaning. In fact, they are similar to household units. However, they are equipped with a powerful engine and a more effective filter. Respectively, the suction power of such devices is much higher;
  • – For dry and wet cleaning. These vacuum cleaners are effective both for various waste and liquids including aggressive ones;
  • – Washing machines perform wet cleaning in all the production areas;
  • – Explosion-proof models designed to absorb gunpowder and other volatile substances;
  • – Heat-resistant devices are manufactured to operate with hot waste production.

Additional options

Naturally, industrial vacuum cleaners, like any other equipment, can be supplied in basic and advanced configurations. Thus, many units are equipped with special adapters, by means of which the vacuum cleaner’s hose is connected to the dust removal systems of different power tools (drills, saws, angle grinders, planers, etc). As a result, shavings and dust are removed from the working area and immediately get into the garbage bag without interfering with the user and without disabling the tool.

Concerning the tons of waste on construction sites, industrial cleaners often operate in extreme conditions. That is why manufacturers equip these units with reliable protection systems against engine overloads. This option turns off the cleaner when the dust collector is overfilled of overheated.

In addition, some models are equipped with special LED displays, indicating possible problems, such as filter or hose clogging, full tank, etc.

Some vacuum cleaners allow us to adjust the suction force. Finally, there are often special sockets on the device body for convenient storing and transporting the nozzles, adapters, and other accessories.


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