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Introduction to Solar cleaner F3500 Telescopic

The solar energy is one of the important sources for generation of electricity. The solar cells are used to convert the energy of light into electricity. the assembled solar cells are formed a solar panel. The panels are set up on the roof or other surfaces in industrial or apartment buildings to supply the electricity. Cleaning the solar cells is essential to maintain their proper operation. In the article, we will describe a new solar cleaner tool.

Importance of cleaning the solar cell

The solar cells harness the heat and light from the sun and turn it into electricity. The surface of these solar cells may be covered with snow. Also, you may get a lot of bird droppings on your panels. The dirt and snows influence on the electrical current generated by the modules. So, you should clean your solar panel to increase the efficiency.

Use of the solar cleaner F3500 Telescopic

The solar cleaner machine F3500 is a new and modern tool for cleaning the solar cells. It is the last model of photovoltaic panels cleaning machine manufactured by BP Metalmeccanica company. with dry or wet cleaning systems, it is possible to use the machine for cleaning panel systems in the traditional or desert environment.

Features of F3500 cleaner machine

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system, thermic turbo engine 37.9 Kw, water tank with a capacity of 1800L, fuel tank and suction filter. The cabin with a ventilation system, lights on the front and rear, a camera system, high-pressure pump and water softening system are another parts of the F3500 machine.

How does the F3500 machine work?

The solar cleaner F3500 uses the brushes to clean the panels. The brushes are adjustable and have a maximum length of 4320 mm. The sensors which placed on the brush body, prevent any risk of damaging the solar panels. Also, the water consuming is adjustable with four different setting according to the environmental condition.

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