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battery-powered scrubber troubleshooting guide

Cleaning the floor is an important cleaning task that needs an Efficient tool. Todays, the new and professional cleaning tools called scrubber dryers are manufactured. The machine may need to check and repair or rectification. So the user should be aware of rectification of Faults for the scrubber.

Operation of the battery-powered scrubber

The scrubber dryers equipped with the brushes and cleaning solution injection system. Also, the machines have a squeegee and vacuum motor to send the dirty water into the recovery tank. In terms of power supply, The floor scrubbers are divided to battery-power, diesel or cable models.

Troubleshooting guide of battery-power scrubber

The scrubber dyers which are manufactured by the valid company have a strong body and good operation. But improper maintenance Can cause problems for the operation of the machines. So the user should perform the preventative maintenance to reduce cost and extend the life of his scrubber dryer. Often, a quick look can lead to resolving the problem.

Trouble shooting guide table





Brush motor will not operate

Scrub head is raised off floor

Lower scrub head

Battery meter lockout activated

Recharge batteries

tripped brush motor circuit breaker

reset brush circuit breaker button

Faulty scrub head (up/down) switch

Contact after sale department

Faulty control handle bail switch

Contact after sale department

Faulty brush motor or wiring

Contact after sale department

Broken or loose belt

Contact after sale department

Suction aggregate not working

Recovery sensor contaminated

Remove deposits with a damp cloth

Foam in the recovery tank

Discharge part of the dirt-water or add antifoaming agent.

No suction action – water is not removed

Suction hose and squeegee are blocked with residual dirt or are not inserted properly

Lean the suction hose – secure the tubbing

Filter in tank soiled

Clean filter

Tank cover is not closed or the cover seal is damaged

Clean the tank cover or renew the cover seal

Squeegee pulls streaks

Squeegee blades worn

Renew squeegee blades or turn

Residual dirt under the squeegee blade

Clean the squeegee blade

No water at the brush

Sifter congested

Clean sifter

Solution hoses are kinked

Check tubing

Fresh water dosing not entered

Set the water by the key

No electrical function

Battery plug not inserted

Connect plug

Battery not charged

Recharge battery

Battery connection cable is loose

Tighten up battery connectors

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