The Kiehl manufacturing facility for oils and waxes was established in 1904. From this base, the Kiehl Group could enter the market from its early beginnings in the right way. As professional cleaning and maintenance material market grew, the Kiehl Group tried to develop new, innovative products for various special uses. Through this development, Kiehl could achieve a closer understanding of the industrial cleaning sector and its requirements. This company has always been so close to its customer base, only products which answer a real market need are developed.

 In 1978, Kiehl Company moved to its new factory located on the Munich-Augsburg. This facility was equipped with the most state-to-the-art production technology. So the basis for a further promising expansion was created.

Kiehl is firmly committed to eco-friendly thoughts and actions in the production of its products and it applies a precise eco-friendly score to the raw materials. So product formulation can be developed with the environmental impact clearly in mind. In addition, Kiehl detergents and chemicals are offered in recyclable plastic bottles and containers. Kiehl products comply with the requirements of EN ISO 14001 and Bavarian Environmental Pact. Moreover, some of Kiehl products come with EU Ecolabel.

Kiehl products are delivered with the highest quality. All the detergents and chemicals undergo a strict quality control and rigorous tests after the closed-circuit production process. And only after the final inspection, the products will be sent to the market.

By developing numerous markets –leading innovations, the Kiehl Group has become one of the market leaders in industrial detergent and chemical sector. In addition to nine branch offices in Germany, subsidiaries have been established in France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland over the last 20 years. Today Kiehl Group's products are delivered to all European countries, as well as selected countries in the Middle and the Far East.