Industrial detergent Torvan Concentrate

category : Scrubber Dryer
Industrial detergent Torvan Concentrate

Torvan Concentrate is a suitable detergent for using in the floor scrubber devices. This detergent does not have lots of surfactants and so, analysis easily on sewage. This detergent can be used for both routine and intensive cleaning. Due to the special formulation, this detergent, can easily be combined with a variety of disinfectant.

The feature and the ingredient of the Torvan Concentrate

This detergent is an environmentally friendly due to the high biodegradability. As the other feature of this detergent can mention to the fragrance and fast acting in clearing. The Torvan Concentrate is suitable for using on all water soluble surfaces. nonionic surfactants, water soluble solvents, potassium-citrate, dyes and fragrances are the main ingredients of this detergent. The pH value of this detergent in the concentrate form is about 9.5 and in ready-to-use form is about 7.5.

How to use the Torvan Concentrate

This detergent produce in the concentrate form, so, each dosing unite, is equal to 25 ml. For using this detergent in cleaning with the floor scrubber, dilute just a unite of detergent in 8 liters of cold water.

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