Industrial detergent Torvan Concentrate

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brand : Kiehl category : Industrial Detergent code : j250710

Due to the specific combinations of active substances, Torvan Concentrate is a fast acting cleaner and remove contaminants very quickly. The amount of surfactants in this detergent is low and hence easily decomposed in the sewage. This detergent is used for both routine and intensive cleaning; it is also can be used with many of the disinfectant agents. Pleasant fragrance is the other feature of this detergent and because of the high biodegradable, is an eco-friendly detergent.

Torvan Concentrate usage IN CLEANING

The detergent can be used on all surfaces and equipment which are water-resistant. The Torvan Concentrate can be used on the floor coverage and also on coated floor.

HOW TO USE Torvan Concentrate IN CLEANING

Each dose of this detergent is equal to 25 ml, so, for using this detergent in routine cleaning, with the floor scrubber or manual tools, dilute one dose of it in the 8 liters of cold water. For doing intensive cleaning by this detergent, dilute 2 to 4 doses of the detergent in the 8 liters of cold water, separate it on the aim surfaces, then scrub, vacuum and rinse with clean water. However, in order to clean light  contaminants a half dose is enough.


Nonionic surfactants 5 to 15%, potassium citrate, water-soluble solvents, materials freshener, dyes are the main constituents of the detergent. The pH value of concentrated form is about 9.5 and the pH of diluted or ready to use form is approximately equal to 7.5.

technical specifications

general specifications

Color Violet
Concentration Ultra Concentrate
productivity (mL/m2) Routine Cleaning : 0.06 فخ 0.15/ Intensive Cleaning : 1.5
pH (Concentrated) 9.5
pH (Ready to Use) 7.5

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces All Water-Resistant Surfaces
Combined Ratio with Water in Manual Methods 1:320
Combined Ratio with water in Scrubber Dryer 1:320
Combined Ratio with water in Polisher 1:80 to 160
Other Features Fragrance


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